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Discussion on: How to stay focused πŸ” as a self taught Frontend Web Developer πŸ’»

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Chris Hansen Author

Hey thanks for dropping by! πŸ‘ In my opinion, yes! I have on numerous occasions brought up a previous project on Vim and to get familiar with the file structure and design patterns. I have even brought up projects from a long time ago wether mine or from another resource, because it had a great helper function that can easily be reused. So I definitely I don't see any harm in that. At the very least, you are no longer concentrating on the tutorial while simultaneously trying to keep up. Now you have the time to break down the code in chunks, write the code and try your best to understand what is happening and why. You shouldn't force yourself to be "stuck." If you can't figure something out, I say take a look. If you are not in school attempting a computer science degree, the web and it's free and paid resources is your learning material after all. Just be careful with the never ending tutorials. But it seems like you are already on the right track D: #happycoding ✌️

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Qing(Jim) Lin

Thanks for your reply,Chris! I am not new to programming, previously i just finished my CS degree and i am the type of student who family with theory、Algorithm and Data-Structure but lacking of project experience, In another words: I used to build some functions, single component/class/file,but have little to zero idea about how to put them together when start a new project from scratch. This is why i need to keep looking on the project i "built" along with these tutorials or some open source projects. By looking at them,i could figure out what kind of components and functions consist of a system.
My concern was: Should i build everything on my own from scratch, without "mocking" or "borrowing" these existing code. you answered my question well, thanks a lot! :-)