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Keep your errors and mistakes in the course, don't edit them out!

These are mistakes your students are likely to make as well so showing how you debug and fix them is super useful. I guess this is probably aimed more at video based tutorials than text based.

Good luck with your course


Yup, the worst thing to do is to make a video tutorial by re-writing the code from already created code base from side monitor. When it comes to teaching, it's just wrong in so many levels.

By that, beginner devs got the false assumption, that solving real world problems in code is that easy - no planning is necessary, no typos are ever being made, logic of code just comes that easy, code is being written that fast, there is no need to bug as everything works on the first try.

And afterwards, when they try to write single line of code themselves, they feel hopeless and often give up as they have seen the app being re-written not actually developed. They start to blame themselves, while they should actually blame the teacher for not revealing the true nature of coding.

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