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⚡ Introduction to Next.js

What is Next.js ?

Next.js is a flexible web framework built on React.js that provides a lot of functionality to create high-performance applications.

More about Next.js

Next.js offers a better developer experience, with several features you need to take your project to production:

  • Hybrid rendering (static and server)
  • TypeScript support
  • CSS-in-JS (Styled components, Styled-JSX)
  • Zero Configuration (Routes, Hot Reloading)
  • Optimization of Images and Fonts
  • Optimized for Production

Some Companies that use Next.js

  • Tiktok
  • Github
  • Twitch
  • Nike
  • Uber

You can see more companies that use next at this link:

Get started

You can use React to build your user interface and gradually adopt Next.js features to solve common application requirements like routing, data fetching and integrations.

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You can use create-next-app to create a project in Next, it automatically configures everything for you.

npx create-next-app@latest --typescript
yarn create next-app --typescript

Useful links

If you want to know more about Next.js
Below are some useful links for you.

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Dom Sipowicz
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Marcos Mendes

you can use tailwind with nextjs if you want too, it's a great option too.
Here is a link that may be useful for you: