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I try to stick to the concept of 'one function - one task'. If the function needs to perform some processing before performing the task, the pre-processing goes to a different task.


Isn't preprocessing of a task part of the task itself? Do you take into consideration the reusability of a function?


Again depends. Let's say you want to validate the data or format the data in the form the function accepts before processing it, you can move that logic to a function.

Interesting. A concern I have is how do you deal with all the parameters? Does the preprocessing function modifies all its parameters?

No. It does not need to. I just gave preprocessing as a example.

Let's just assume that the function accepts a parameter. Based on certain condition, it either needs to insert a record or update the existing one.

You can split up the logic of insert and update as two separate function. Here the main function almost acts as a wrapper. The main business logic resides in two different function, which can be reused elsewhere as required.

Hope that helps.

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