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Discussion on: 3 Things You Can Do to Improve as a Developer

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The idea of helping others in accomplishing their goals is really satisfactory,you have very well captured that empathy in your writings.I often choose to help others(professionally),although sometimes the environment is not so friendly or doesn't believe in helping others in achieving their goals.
As a developer ,I am always in pursuit of solutions to some problems ,post reading your blog ,i am persuaded that often I am in search of solutions to unwanted problems that may be because I am addicted to my method and zest of solutions building.
However I have not yet achieved the idea of sharing my findings or way of problem solving that's not because I don't want to but may be still undermining my capabilities.
Hope similar findings and blogs from developer community will help me accomplish the leftovers.

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John Papa Author

I'm glad this got you thinking :)

Believe in yourself - you have skills and experience unique to you. Share them when you are ready

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