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re: I hope that git will be the norm for Computer Science degree. My country does not require git in schools. They simply throw a boilerplate code and ...

I think that is the direction it's heading. While applying for positions here almost all of them wanted experience with Git in some form.


I can't blame the school for not providing proper real world team collaboration. It's just that, technology moves so fast and the professors don't let students collaborate with each other. We(me and my friend) held a small session teaching git for the students. They got bored because it was too complicated to use. We tried several methods but in the end, some were not interested and never bothered to learn anymore(we didn't force them to come btw).

My mistake for having a session is that

  • using a CLI with git is complicated to them.
  • not having a real project. We were using the school's workstation.
  • they'd stick to the final_1, final_finally project.
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