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Pro tip: "I was not aware I was interviewing for the linked list development team" is not a recommended response to these sorts of questions. ðŸĪŠ

Worst case of this: prospective employer sends link to test. The position is for .net/c# work. The multiple choice questions are all Java. The coding "problem" is: reverse a string.

The environment they provide takes full screen exclusive mode and is utter garbage. You cannot use reference materials. Tabbing away exits the site. The coding question is literally one line of code. But since the garbage ide didn't provide a stub you need to type all the surrounding console app goo rather than just tabbing over to VS and doing it there. On tyo of all that the multiple choice questions conflated various CS concepts.

The best case? A doc with an assignment. Exercise 1: implement FOO, exercise 2: describe how to test FOO. Get bonus points: implement and test all of it, provide solution package to hiring manager. Followed by practical questions on a white board. Iterative and conversational. Why did you do X? How would you test Y? What happens if you do Z?

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