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I'm not a front end developer, I develop back-end services in .NET and deploy to Azure mostly.

Very interested in front end, and haven't considered a particular route to go down.

With developments like Blazor from Microsoft coming, and the many many frameworks like Angular, React, Vue etc etc I'm not sure where I should focus my attention.

Is Angular in it for the long haul? What should I do to find out more?


I jump in here (I hope you don't mind Jeffrey 😉). I totally feel you Ian. The frontend landscape is huge and there are new things coming up every day. Luckily most of today's frameworks agreed on common patterns (like component based designs, similar state management paradigms, TypeScript,...). This at least helps also being able to switch/use multiple ones.

Regarding Angular. I still bet on it. It has awesome tooling and is excellent especially if you're coming from the backend and you'd like to dive into the frontend world. In the recent months the Angular team was a bit silent as they're preparing the next major release. It's kind of a "refactoring" release where they optimize some internal stuff that will allow them to deliver stunning features in the next months. I know there's a lot to come, framework wise as well as on the tooling side. The latter something that often gets underestimated, but is of enourmous importance.

Where to start/find out more? Follow ppl from the community on Twitter to get the latest news, Jeffrey's blog, my blog. Also the official docs have great material and improve every day. Finally, if you're more into video courses, on Egghead.io there are some cool courses 😃

And obviously feel free to ask questions. I think Jeffrey, me as well as other members from the community are always happy to help (another strong point of the Angular community in general)


Brilliant! Thank you, I've added both your blogs to my RSS reader and will check out egghead!


No problems Juri, thanks for your answer and your work on the community 🙏

Ian, thank you reading my post and adding my blog to your rss. If you have any questions you always can ask me any questions via Twitter.

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