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Discussion on: On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails

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Eric Platon

Thank you for this nicely wrapped present to Rails and Ruby.

One aspect can be added to the mix: Every existing and new web framework steals something from Rails. So Rails’ genes are selected for the next Darwinian cycles whatever happens to the original Rails.

I had to suffer some Spring in 2010, and again in 2015. Starting a Spring project in 2015 was “new” and structured very much like a Rails project. Same with the Play framework on Scala, down to the project file structure and some configuration. I cite here only 2 frameworks, but this impression of “déjà vu in Rails” just comes back over and over. And, well, I started web development in Ruby with a framework called Merb, which should give a hint I joined Rails from 3.0, and reveal my age.

Coupled with the excellent points in the article, I say to new comers to at least have a look at Rails. It is so easy and comfortable to start with, and allows building the best foundation for web development, one can retrieve in every major framework now.

When everyone copies you one way or the other, you’re doing something “right”.