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Discussion on: Top 10 FREE Pluralsight Courses for Programmers

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Anchit Bajaj

Hey, is this 'Algorithms and Data Structures --- Part 1 & 2 By Robert Horvick' course any good?

Compared to Princeton's algorithms course on Coursera or the other university courses on edX?

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Tomas Forsman

If you try and find out, let us know =)

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javinpaul Author

Well, there is no doubt that Algorithms, Part I and Part 2 by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne are good but it all depends upon whether you connect to them or not. sometimes I find too technical and boring, It could be just me because sometimes I become lazy while learning on-the-go, but as Tomas says, you check and let us know :-)

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Aya. M. Salama

No you're not lazy, didn't like the course too, wasn't compressible for my learning type