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Discussion on: Home-Office, Remote-Work,… What!?! A definition of terms

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Interesting definitions. For some reason for me the term "home office" also kind of means "temporarily limited work from home for a day a week or to from time to time". Often associated with being disconnected from the team more than you should.. i.e. like:

Person A (on premise): Hey, how does feature XYZ work?
Person B (on premise): Oh.. Person C is an Expert on that, he can show you! But wait - he's doing home office today. You might wanna ask him tomorrow.
Person C (at home): took some mostly separated work home to work on it undisturbed. On the other hand would be open for calls, but colleagues don't go the extra mile.

On the other hand "Remote Work" for me sounds more elaborate and means to include everyone by holding Meetings (even short 15-min Dailies) always online without exception and deliberately not doing spontaneous on-prem meetings to make sure no one is left out. In your definition (time-independent) that sounds like even harder to achieve then within your "home office" definition.

Just my personal quirky definitions - probably have to readjust them^^
And of course they changed immensly within the last 6 months or so..