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Nice article.

I use similar division. product vs technology orientation. Product is what you would call maker, and technology is more similar to mender.
It is the type of task that gives the specific dev the opportunity to display her or his skills. Some tasks like 'build a new tool in only 2 days' will probably take out the product guy out, and leave the technology guy in.
While the task 'stabilize the system' will take the technology guy out, and leave the product guy hidden.

As many devs are in the spectrum, we need both. Only a few devs would be happy to fix defects in the same area for 2 years. I would also think that writing projects that are never used can't be good for a dev.

I try to combine between the two. Yes, there are defects to fix, but you can also write a new feature (especially in a new area).

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