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I would suggest giving the comments to this article a read:

That being said, reading through the job description it seems to read like a generic "swiss-army" knife of IT. IF I read this right, they want you to be project manger, analyst, developer, help desk, innovator, process improver and trainer.

On top of that, to be vague about what tools and technology you will be using in your day to day work... I'm guessing this is either a very small shop or if it's a large company they didn't take the time to write specific job descriptions.

I would suggest instead of thinking about what questions they might ask you, think about what questions you need to ask the company. Make sure it's an environment you really want to work in and that the department you're going to be working for actually has a clear and defined role and career path for you. Find out not only who your manager is, but also what mentors might be available to you within the company. Find out if they have specific standards for your development tools and coding or if it's a free-for-all use what you want how you want environment (warning: cowboy coders are the worst if you have to wear an application support hat)

I'll be honest, if I came across a generic job description like the one above, I'd think long and hard about if I really wanted to work for that company before going in for an interview.

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Thank you for your input! I thought it was a rather generic job description as well, which is why I was hoping to hear from others. I'll definitely go into this initial interview with plenty of questions to clarify everything. Thanks again!