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Discussion on: FrontEnd Development: Zero to Hero

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ife fasina

The Html is phasing out sort of,focus is now on web frameworks such as angular,react wordpress.

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Habdul Hazeez Author

To the best of my current knowledge, HTML is not phasing out, the web frameworks you mentioned Angular, React end up showing your page content in HTML, and it's up to you to add the CSS to make it more presentable.

And guess what?, the HTML Standard (or Specification) which is considered a Living Standard is updated almost daily (check the date in the image).

HTML Standard

Wordpress on the other hand is a Content Management System and like all Content Management Systems, your content (your blog posts and the likes) is shown in HTML and if i remember correctly, the editor in Wordpress permits the switch to raw HTML when writing an article.

When it comes to learning in web development, Dr Axel Rauschmayer has this to say:

The take away from the above image is to learn one core tech well, the last time i checked, HTML is one of the cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web alongside it's buddies CSS and JavaScript.