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Explore Express.js

Today we will learn about the Node.Js web application framework Express.Js.

What is Express.js?

Express.js is a free, open-source, simple, tiniest web application framework of Node.js. It is used for backend design & development. Express.js requires only JavaScript that’s why it’s easier to build single-page, multiple-page, hybrid web applications & API without any effort. Express.js supports MVC architecture.

Why we should use Express.js?

JavaScript has Node.js for backend development. Node.js has many frameworks to make easier backend development. Such as Express.js, Koa.js, Meteor.js, Nest.js,, Total.js, etc. So, if you are a JavaScript developer then it’s easier for you to use Express.js for backend development. Express.js offers simplicity, flexibility, efficiency, minimalism, and scalability that’s why it’s more popular.


Express.js has many features. Let’s learn about them -

  • Middleware - Middleware is a function that is used to get access request and response objects.
  • Faster server-side development - Express.js provides many readymade functions from Node.js it’s made easier to develop.
  • Routing - Express.js provides an admiringly advanced routing mechanism.
  • Templating - Template engines allow you to build dynamic content in web applications.
  • Debugging - Express.js has a debugging mechanism that can find bugs easily.


  • Express.js is fast & easier to learn.
  • It’s easier to configure & customize.
  • Huge community support.
  • Supported by Google V8 Engine.
  • Easy to connect with databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, etc.
  • Easy to integrate with different templates.
  • Allows you to define routes based on HTTP methods & URLs.
  • Easy to serve static files and resources.
  • Flexible middleware module.


  • There are problems with the callback or event-driven nature but the last update of Node.js brings async/await that prevents this problem.
  • Client request problem with middleware system.

How to Install Express

Install with npm - npm install express -g

How to Start

First, create a directory named simpleExpress. Change to it, and run npm init. Then install express as a dependency. In the directory create a file named index.js and write the following code.

Express Example Code

Hello World Example with Express.js

Run the app with the following command - $ node index.js
Then open the browser and visit “localhost:5000” to see the output.

Visit Express.js official site to read documentations and know more in details.

Thanks for reading this tutorial!

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Iftakher Hossen

I'm sorry for the mistake and thank you