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Discussion on: How To Take Notes on Everything

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Igor Irianto • Edited on

This is excellent. I like your gitbook idea. Very clever. So awesome that I started looking doing something similar!
I've read many books this year but having trouble organizing my thoughts.

Just curious, what do you think of Vuepress? It sounds like they are doing similar things.

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Max Antonucci Author

Thank you, glad I can help inspire some others to learn a bit more :) Vuepress looks useful, but for saving extra info it likely has a lot of extra steps. Gitbook is my favorite since you only need markdown files in the right folders and it does the rest.

I used Jekyll (another static site generator) to manage my Exocortex a while back and it was a lot more work for much less return. But if you have a more specific vision for your notebook and are willing to put in the extra work, go for it!