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re: I love that! I agree that it should start with us learning more about computer science in general. And yes, Igor, there's still a lot to learn! We...

Wow, great, when you expect book to be published!

I was thinking into writing (or collecting) set of 'tools' or 'practices' for every-day ppl... you know those little books for kids like '100 things you can make with paper' etc, so something like that but for adults (still not sure about the target group:). Where you could find dozens of ways to use technology and something from the real world. Emphasising using it as a tool. I just need to find way how not to sleep at night :))))

I love that idea, Igor! Let me know if you need help breaking the plan for it. I've worked on my books in between baby naps, so I might have some tips. :D

The world needs as many resources for this as possible!

(The first book is already on Amazon and for this one, I'm planning to open pre-orders in a month!)

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