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re: How does this improve on Glassdoor?

As far as I know, Glassdoor shows only averages and statistical distributions and doesnโ€™t show separate salary entries. It doesnโ€™t satisfy the questions and fears that I have set out to solve, such as: โ€œWho should I look up to in my company to earn more?โ€ or โ€œHow up-to-date are specific salary entries?โ€ FelloWage doesnโ€™t answer the first question yet, but it will in the future via a peer-to-peer sharing feature that Iโ€™m planning in the next version.


Glassdoor does show a lot of info including a range of the salary and even split into stock options, cash bonuses, etc. It shows different salaries by job function, years of experience and even location.

But I did sign up on the platform :) Looks like you're having a manual process of vetting everyone on the platform?

Manually, yes. But it's not vetting users; it's verifying the data quality.

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