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Discussion on: How to accelerate application performance with smart SQL queries.

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Valerio Author • Edited on

Hi Aaron, thank you for your detailed comment. I believe that massive import of multiple datasets with many to many relation it's not a use case of the "insert on duplicate key" clause.

Of course "transactions" are the way to go to run multiple statements safety, and it's what we use and recommend on our articles just as result of our experience. You can read more about other approaches we use to deal with database here:

I used an ORM to write code examples for two reasons:

  • It's the most common interface to the database for the majority of software developers;
  • Show to interested developers that ORM, Query builder, and any other tools are just tools. The most important thing is the strategy and the goal you want to reach.

We had to spend many hours searching online and asking other developers to find out that MySQL offered this simple feature. I hope other developers can find our experience helpful and share this tips with other colleagues since our customers are typically very sensitive to the problem of performance.

Inspector is an application monitoring tool, we are very focused on application performance, that's why my articles go around this kind of issues.