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Fixed Price Project


Do you try to find a project yourself? Do you try to do a project yourself?

Cost is extreme important factor for you.

Do you face any problem for Fixed Price Project?

How would you deal with this situation?


For me, the biggest problem would be user often change requirement and give the requirement even after deadline.


Collect and document requirement list. Besides the list, it would cost for change.

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Avalander • Edited

I would try to avoid a project with a fixed price as much as possible, but if there needs to be a fixed price, the requirements and specifications should also be fixed. The problem with that is that the client usually doesn't realise what they need until they've started using the project. There are a few things you can try.

  • In the contract, specify a number of changes that can be done to delivered features without extra charge. For example, you could write down that the client can ask for 3 changes to the requirements without being charged extra. Take into account that these changes will happen when you're negotiating the price.

  • Similar to the previous point, you could agree on an amount of hours for unplanned changes. If you estimate the project in 100 hours, for instance, you could agree on 10 extra hours for changes. Once you've used them up, any further changes require a new agreement and should be paid separately.

  • Any other change is a new negotiation. If the client wants to change something, they can either (a) have it instead of another feature from the original agreement that hasn't yet been done and the developer deems of similar effort, or (b) pay extra to have that change implemented. This can be contemplated in the original agreement or it may require a new contract.

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Ben • Edited

if there needs to be a fixed price, the requirements and specifications should also be fixed.

I have found that the cost to fixed requirements and specifications is quite high.
Because they would be so many changes and unclear requirements.

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Ben • Edited

What an awesome reply

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

Pretty much what Avalander said.

Whenever there's a fixed price project, make it clear from the very beginning the price applies for a defined list of requirements and nothing else.

You can explain that having a non-fixed price would be better to allow changes to be easily introduced but the client would say "no, I want a fixed price" and then you explain "well, whenever you need something besides this list or change something from it, it will cost you X"

Make sure that X is a lot of money so they think thoughtful about adding or changing requirements :D

Finally, make that point clear everywhere. If there's a contract, make sure it has its own space. No contract? email or whatever mean possible, even in the initial business proposal leave it clear.