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Who is developing enterprise solution?

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I think I am building enterprise solution.

Enterprise solution is a complicated system which embedded in enterprise and help enterpise to solve problem.

As it is complicated, the developer may face a lot of difficulties.

Let share your problem you face. I think I could help other.

My Difficulties

  • Unclear Requirement
  • User think IT can do magic (We can do the magic)
  • Tight Schedule
  • No Leader but Boss only
  • Poor Documentation
  • Dirty Code / Technical Debt
  • No Planning


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Its really hard with all those difficulties. This exists in any development agency, or company. Most offshore companies focuses on business rather than the planning and code quality.

They just don't have time to make sure it's better quality, all that matters is how many clients they can get, how much money they can extort.

Bitter truth saw myself and heard from many developer friends. Same story over and over. I agree with all specified difficulties and the only thing most ended up was to either move to a better company or just accept it as is. Many got burned trying to make the company change it's view, because well, they don't understand it and don't care about it.

If you somehow talk about tests and all those techy stuff, you will get a really good scolding from those boss, they don't want to waste on such silly stuff. They will tell you to just make it work for now, also they will scold you later cause it doesn't work and lots of bugs.

Oh, and good companies/teams that actually do care will have a very tight and quality management. You will be able to tell that from how the HR behaves and acts. Good teams only accepts good developers.


I just wonder why they can be BOSS as I do not know the basic stuff.



  1. they have money,
  2. we need money,
  3. we work for them,
  4. we are in a contract,
  5. it's a modern slavery system.

If you look how some gets really low pay with 60-80 hours work week on some corporate project. I'm extragratting, but you can hear it from the complaints. These low quality work/projects cannot have high amount of salary, because most either goes to the bosses or the project ends up as failure.

Why why why. Why are there so many so poor project?

How can I get rid of these project?

It takes time. I had a hard time convincing my parents about software development for 8 years in my country. If parents takes so much time, it is understandable that the companies will take even more time to understand the real value. It's nothing but cheap labor to some.

"He just sits there and types some code, why should I pay him so much?"

You can move away and try another team with better project management, but it will be same if all people have same cheap labor mindset.

Therefore, We should try to think about high-value programming.

What would be included for high-value?


First, this is not from me, but from my partner's experience working for couple of years developing an enterprise application. Hearing her complain everyday makes me pray to God that I would not get any enterprise app job :D.

She is developing a quite big finance enterprise app that is handled by multiple teams. Each team develop a certain part of the app that will communicate together as well as with other third party system. Each team has its own "Business" person as well as a "Technical Lead" person as well as a "Stakeholder". Yes, each team. In the upper hieararchy, there is another "Stackholder" with another "Technical Director".

Reading that I think you may already knew what's the problem. Too many heads. Time spent just grooming stories or gathering requirements, that may be changed in the next hour. Teams are not productive as every day they have to attend meetings, quickly turning into fighting arena between those "Management level" employees.

Too many manangement/business level arguments resulting in unclear planning and requirements. This will end up exhausting developers and teams. Imagine building a large mall constructing and deconstructing without knowing what the end result will be. Of course this will produce bad code, no documentation and low level of OWNERSHIP. Thus, a high cost low maintainable product are made.

I remember early years as Software Developers, I always have this sense of Ownership and pride of what I do, so does she. But I don't see that value in her lately.

So, yeah.. enterprise applications sometimes have this high level of challenges. Probably bad management? probably wrong company? I think in most companies the challenges are pretty similar.


What Application or Job are you doing?


I am a full stack web dev, I am doing several projects for my company now, mostly web+angular apps for OHS, Insurance, etc.

But in that enterprise application context, it is my wife who are developing an enterprise financial system that I can't tell the details.

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