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Discussion on: How to Implement Login with Google in Nest JS

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Michael Owolabi Author

Hi Kaivan,

Thanks for the feedback. As per the error you're getting, this simply has to do with the "Authorized Javascript origin" and the redirect URI. Kindly crosscheck these two values from your google console to ensure they are the correct endpoints for your frontend and backend app.

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Kaivan Mehta

Thanks for your reply,
As I am requesting from angular and default port is 4200, I have given localhost:4200 in authorized JavaScript uri and I am redirecting it to the backend, thus I have given localhost:8080 over there in the redirect uri.

Kindly can refer this picture.

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Hello Kaivan,
Did you find a solution? cuz I have the same problem. I'm using nextJs and I have a cors problem even if I've enabled it