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I used to be a full time developer in the early days of my career and I could spend hours testing out new things, reading up on best practice and spend time understanding so that the hours of pain became muscle memory fixes driving really efficient code. Heck I even spent time helping others out on a few select SO tags.

Now? I changed role and moved into IT architecture along with a wife and child I've now become a "hobby Dev" working on personal projects.

Why is this information important? Well I loved node and JS but now I really don't know.
I can spend a few months busy with life and suddenly the whole js world has changed. I can't keep up.

I no longer have a clue how to structure my code.

I have no idea which version of node I should be using.

I look at the cool framework I was just understanding and I see it's in ruins and deprecated.

I read a tutorial and everything but the inside of the function looks like it's written in another language.

I find I'm starting out all over again each time.

I load up my editor and after printing out to the console I look at the clock and realise my hour of coding time before worj is over.

The speed of node ecosystem movement is infuriating.

I won't be changing my preferred language anytime soon though.. theres something perverse trying to keep up with it all.

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