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Discussion on: I wrote a DAILY blog post for 100 days, here's what happened...

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Great read!

I had a similar experience in the very early days of the rapsberry pi being released I made a personal blog to house all of the "how to fix this problem" issues on the pi I was having.

It covered everything from moving from SD cards to external drives through to setting up mono for c# development on the little pi.

As you found, it was slow and for me to start off with. I wanted a single place to go to and read very simple and to the point instructions on what needed to be done to get X or y problem fixed along with some exception cases for certain versions or common issues.

About 3 months after trying to blog a couple of times a week I noticed all the external traffic coming in. Infact the surge in popularity spurred a new post about moving from hosting wordpress on the pi to compiling static pages with Jekyll.. another banger of a post which surged activity even more.

It was super fulfilling to see comments flooding in and all the cross linked posts coming from external sites and stackoverflow. As with you, I found my style, no bull simple instructions.

Eventually I got far too busy with life and some family illnesses resulted in me leaving the blog to decay. Your post has got me thinking about kicking this off again though. The satisfaction of seeing some of my posts being discussed in online meet ups and on presentation slides from hackathons really kept my motivation going.

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Facundo Gauna Author

Wow, that's really cool. You're inspiring me too 😂. First, maybe I should enable comments on my site so that it's easier to interact.
Second, I've had this side project of creating a Kubernetes PI cluster on my list for a long time. It'd be to experiment with advanced deployment practices in a hybrid cloud setting (with Azure).

What's your site?

I don't know what I'm looking for yet, maybe inspiration. Thanks for sharing!