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In no order but random memories

  • Geocities
  • Angelfire
  • Homestead
  • Dreamweaver
  • MS Front Page
  • Fireworks
  • Submitting your site to massive lists / indexes
  • Ski Free
  • Hot Bot search engine
  • Dynamic HTML.. aka JavaScript
  • IRC Applets for embedded chats
  • AOL CDs as coffee coasters
  • for all my fire gif logos
  • Split window layouts defined by a lovely grey bar and removing horizontal axis scrollbars
  • Colouring the scrollbars
  • Asking for someone's name with a prompt to display "Hello Chris welcome to my site."
  • About me pages always contained a photo of a dog
  • Friends sending webpages with never ending alert boxes. Pro tip.. holding enter or space-bar to make the pain end quicker.
  • Background music in the form of midi files was a given.
  • Finding free hosting has never changed.
  • The feeling of installing a PHP / perl / cgi based forum with no other users was still an ohhh shit this is incredible moment.
  • The .tk domain
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