GDPR and Telegram Bots

ImTheDeveloper on May 22, 2018

I've been building telegram bots for some time now and with GDPR right around the corner I've had to turn a few off whilst I address any impact i... [Read Full]
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I have a lot of thoughts on this one... am I lawyer - but still haven't worked out how to advise my clients. Your post was very enlightening for me - a Luddite ... who is trying to work out how to apply the GDPR and other laws to Telegram bots. Would be happy to have a skype call to brainstorm, if you like.



On the analytics side of the issue, I believe any bot should be safe as long as it produces aggregated data readable to humans. Internally, I'd hash user IDs which are probably the only possible way if linking a particular user to identifying information. Hear hashes user IDs would stay hashes if they need to hit permanent storage at some point.

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