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Termux: Give me your use cases!

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I recently stumbled upon Termux: "the terminal emulator and linux environment for android".

Whilst it sounds pretty cool to have such an app on my phone, especially with my love for Linux I'm wondering what the wonderful use cases people have for such an app.

This especially interested me recently when I found it also has an API version which allows you to access the phone hardware APIs. I assume this could allow me to build some quite clever task runners as seen with other apps like "If this then that" and "Tasker".

I've played with a number of great node.js projects on a raspberry pi such as Node-red which appears to run nicely within Termux. This makes my android smartphone the ultimate IoT hub to play around with integrations without needing to even open up my laptop.

Please feel free to drop in the comments any of your Termux use cases I'll be fascinated to hear what others are doing with the app.

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Install termux-api

apt install termux-api

ssh support

apt install openssh

To get ssh port

logcat -s 'syslog'

your current user:


Now you have termux-clipboard-get and termux-clipboard-set

apt install python
pip install yturl
pip install neovim

You can listen youtube videos with mpv

mpv --no-video url


cat <<-'EOF' >> ~/.bashrc
    mpv --no-video "$(yturl $(termux-clipboard-get))"

Access you phone through ssh or copy files like

scp -P 8022 file.mp3 u0_a184@

Add your own scripts

echo "PATH=~/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

Now you can write some scripts there.


You can run almost any node apps on termux except the electron build one. It's a great tool to keep personal server up. Nowadays I just use termux for downloading YouTube videos with YouTube-dl and testing some python tools, I made my move to Linux recently 😍