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Hello all.

My name is Nacho. I came across a few weeks ago but only now got time to really check it out. Really loving the content it has so far!

I am in the #cybersecurity field and program mostly for fun. I specialize in using technology for process improvements and simplifications -- with whatever tool I have available. Lately I have been doing a lot of Google Apps Script development in the enterprise space to automate complex workflows.

I want to start blogging tutorials and guides for using #GAS in the enterprise space to help those who are just starting out in their #automation adventures. I've put some feelers out there and it sounds like there is a demand for this kind of content. Which is what led me to I can't settle on a good blogging platform. It seems most folks use Medium or ITNEXT but then a lot of folks hate those platforms too. I don't want to self-host.

So I'm wondering how the community feels about using as a blogging platform compared to sites like Medium/ITNEXT. Obviously is great but are there any unobvious gotchas I should know?

Any/all feedback is greatly appreciated.