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Firefox for both web & android.

I do believe chromium browsers are more mature and got better UX than firefox. But I have trust issues.

Good thing about firefox mobile is the extension support. I can't live without an ad-blocker. I also use the built-in password manager across devices. I trust it more than it's chromium counterpart. I haven’t found a minimal, free and trustworthy third party password manager yet.

Now that firefox is quickly losing market share. I feel worried about the future of my browser-choice!


I hope FF will be healthy for a long time to come. On which OS do you use it (desktop version)?


Firefox has been chromium based for a while in case you didn't know : all the major browsers are, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera.
All Chromium all the time ;)


Any source about it? :O

There are parts of chromium in current Firefox for the new extensions standard no believe.
Firefox Focus is chromium based
They mention it in odd places but didn't find a big announcement and the html renderer is still Gecko AFAIK

Oh, I can believe it. Almost all "modern" browsers now implement the same extension API, it even makes sense to copy/paste that code

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