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The most stable release as I found out is Python2.7 and is actually the default Python environment in my OS

Python 2 is actually deprecated - it was intended to be End Of Life in 2015, but then that was pushed out until 2020. However, there is a freeze on new features, it is purely maintenance releases and there will never be a Python 2.8. The reason 2.7 is already installed on your system is that quite a few operating systems have dependencies on it.

As you're just starting out, you definitely want to be using Python 3, but this does mean checking whether the packages you're aiming to pull in are actually compatible.

Note that you can have multiple Python versions installed - do not attempt to upgrade your system installation manually or you could do some serious damage to system dependencies.

In terms of general package management/dev workflow, I'd highly recommend checking out Pipenv - it's the officially recommended solution, and from personal use, it's absolutely fantastic too.

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