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Discussion on: How to securely store JWT tokens.

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Lucas Rodrigues • Edited

I don't know. That issue about leak the session can also be fixed with CSP, since you can block external communications too. I never use node modules, and you might guess why, so I can't say anything about it.

What I'm saying is that it is easy to find solutions when you have such a small attack surface, and never tell it. You can also suggest encrypting the local storage value using a random key using, with a random algorithm with a random name... Yes, attackers can extract the key (...), but then use the same argument: "just to attack your web application specifically". The opposite scenario might be valid: since I'm considering that the page is secure against XSS, then I can use LocalStorage.

I think it would be better if it compares all alternatives (SessionStorage, LocalStorage, Cookies, Credential Management API, IndexedDB API) and all kinds of known attacks.

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George Koniaris Author • Edited

So you suggest serving external js from another domain and set a CSP to disallow these scripts to access local storage or make ajax requests?

That’s correct. But if you serve external scripts through a CDN for example, and set a csp you are secure with the cookie implementation too. I may write a complementary article or extend this one at some point. Thanks for your feedback its really valuable!!!