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Discussion on: How did you first start out learning programming?

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Tiago Marques • Edited

I've started with about 16 years old, thourgh a PDF (translating) "The Hacker Bible", and at the end had an example of how to make a trojan (believe me, that piece of code was nothing as a trojan), in Delphi (Pascal OO for who doesn't know). I didn't did it right away, but it was enough for me to interest for real in programming (at that time I already knowd a bit of HTML and CSS, because HI5 🤣 social network, and Blogger [Blogspot] sites).
The first programs that I made, I've used AHK Autohotkey, it's more like a scripting language, developed with C++ if I remember.
And then, I started with Delphi, and I made lot of programs with it.
Nowadays, and since some time, I'm more in web technologies (last 6years)