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Discussion on: Action-Oriented C#

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Matt Eland Author

I agree with the syntax issues. TypeScript has type aliases where you can name a union of types for example. .NET cod use something similar.

That said, some of the most flexible aspects of .net and many popular libraries rely on Action and Func under the covers. Thankfully the syntax to invole a lambda expression is cleaner than the parameter signature definition.

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Sean G. Wright

Yah, definitely didn't want it to seem like I dislike them or avoid them.

I tend to use them for internal APIs and infrastructure code - less so for business logic service methods.

I just saw on Twitter today that someone is actively championing discriminated unions for C# 9 😁:

Both TypeScript's and F#'s allowance of not explicitly typing params and return types helps reduce that function + generic noise.

We could do the aliasing with C# named delegates, but then we are kinda just trading one noise for another (with more type limitations).

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Oscar • Edited on

You can use delegates or functional interfaces to have alias.

A functional interface is an interface with only one method, as suggested above.

With the delegate, you can have:

public delegate decimal CalculateScore();

This is totally compatible with Lambdas and Funcs. And a safe way to do a Strategy Pattern like you want.