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Discussion on: Balancing Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

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Matt Eland

If it helps at all, this is something you'll continue to deal with in waves throughout your career. I wrote about my encounter with it as a first-time manager recently.

I might write again in the new year as a first-time conference speaker. I know I'll continue to fight it at points throughout my life.

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Caitlyn Greffly Author

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience as well

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Josh Michielsen

100%. When I started speaking at conferences I got hit HARD with imposter syndrome. It made me want to give up!

I think the most important thing is to let your achievements speak for themselves. Try not to rely too heavily on external validation. Rather, ask yourself - if this feeling I have about myself was true, would I really be able to fool anyone? The answer is probably not.

My therapist introduced me to something recently called "self-schema". I recommend looking it up and having a think about your own self-schema :)