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FHIR Patient Viewer

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share here a quick post about my project for the Grand Prix :)

FHIR Patient Viewer is a single-page, reactive rendering tool built on Vue.js that displays in a human-friendly way the data returned from a /Patient/{id}/$everything call made to an InterSystems FHIR server. In the readme, I've included 3 main things: 1. A video demo connecting FHIR Patient Viewer to a sandbox IRIS FHIR server (the fastest way to test it); 2. A second video showing how I would use FHIR Patient Viewer in a production environment (using a custom backend to handle the API calls, written in PHP/Laravel in my example, but transferable to other languages/frameworks); and 3. instructions to modify the components, create your own version of the tool, and build your own dist files.

Thanks, everyone! Amazing quality in the projects in the contest!


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