Coding Interview Tips

Parker Phinney on May 21, 2018

Chitchat like a pro. Before diving into code, most interviewers like to chitchat about your background. They're looking for: Metac... [Read Full]
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Thanks for publishing this gem. I'm getting to a point where I think I'm ready for my first 'hired'/'official' developer job. I do freelance work, but have never worked at a software company. I'm still nervous about the process, and the imposter syndrome is real, even though I have an associates in CS :O


We all suffer from impostor syndrome. Even the folks who write articles about how to deal with it :P

My biggest rec is to get out there, and try to talk to a /lot/ of companies. The first couple interviews will be the most rough, but it'll smooth out as you get more practice.

Best of luck!

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