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Discussion on: How important is stats knowledge in software development?

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Danny Perez

As a front-end dev, I wind up needing to understand charts a lot more frequently than I expected. We've got multiple monitoring tools outputting tons of data like New Relic Browser for front-end logs/metrics, as well as backend logs/metrics.

For any given bug, I need to be able to answer via metrics/dashboards:

  • has it happened before?
  • How many people is it affecting?
  • How often are they running into it?
  • whos had it the worst?

Some of the tools we use like New Relic Insights or Splunk provide convenience functions to make it easy to answer those questions, but you still need to think about what data you currently, what you want to know, and how to munge that data in order to display what you think you might want.

For what its worth, I got a D in my stats class in college which I absolutely hated - but I love using these charts/graphing tools for understanding logs.