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Discussion on: What is your approach for learning a new tech?

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I would fully check the description on what the tech is trying to solve, and ask myself, is there any problem I have with my current (or any other) projects that would require me to use this thing?

If not, then I just don't. I honestly don't think you can pick things up fast while still being reasonable, plus, you can just learn it as you go.

This "not always caring about new tech" is important, there'll be a time where your life is just so busy that you can't afford to learn, use and maintan said tech. It's better to just watch from the sidelines.

If it's something worth trying, then I would always vouch learning by doing, and for me that's churning through the example code and projects, and making a project of your own that implements said tech.

I think from those example you can quickly judge how intuitive the tech is, whether or not it's actually worth picking up in the first place.