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I never understood the hype to be honest. Never felt discriminated. But maybe this is due to the fact that I mostly worked remotely. Who cares if you're a woman or a man, as long as you produce very good quality code, it really doesn't matter.
Maybe there is something I am missing, maybe things go different in an office, I have no idea.
Yeah, I'm a woman and I code. So? I fail to see the big deal about it :-D
This is the main reason I stayed away from "women who code" groups, I couldn't see their purpose.
So I guess for me it's exactly as it is for every other "dude" in a team.
Also, I don't think men are allied against women in tech. Nobody tied me up and locked me in a dark room preventing me from learning how to code.
I just knew I wanted to code and followed the steps like any guy would do and it turned out fine.
It's not like there's a hidden conspiracy that prevents girls to follow their STEM passions.
If women in tech are less than men in tech is because most of them chose not to be in tech. They have other passions and I fail to see what is wrong with that.
Nobody complains men in fashion are less than women in fashion, or at least I never heard of it.
My honest opinion is this trend needs to be a bit toned down, it is too dramatic at times.
Also, I negotiate to the bones. You don't pay me less than you pay Joe that does the same job, unless you have a deathwish.

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