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Discussion on: Feature request: [state,,updateState] = useState(...)

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Igor Pavlenko Author

You are right, better example is required here.
P.S. Example updated, thanks

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Warren • Edited

I see. You could achieve this with a custom hook.
Something like (am on phone so forgive mistakes please) :

function useObjectState(object initial) {
    const [ value, setValue] = useState(initial) 
    const updateState = (object newState) => setState({...value, ...newState}) 
    return [ value, updateState] 
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Igor Pavlenko Author • Edited

Yes, I can, thanks!
Just wonder why this is not implemented in react.

But you have a little issue in your example.
You use current state, not the last state in you fragment.
Be careful with sequential updates or use callback in setState call to reference prevState

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Missed the useState call. Fixed now. I imagine it's not been implemented because they're going for a more minimalist approach. I.e. By giving us the simplest of hooks we can as above create more complex behaviours if we need.