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Working on other's project

The second lab of the course was to work on other people's project to add a feature for processing markdown. The point of the lab was communicate and collaborate.

I had a miscommunication which I did not publicly posted that I got a partner, and because there were no issue created on my repo, two students had to work on my repo as well. I learned the importance of communication and publication in open source development. Luckily there were no merge conflict, but if they worked on the same feature, I would have a big merge conflict.
You will be able to see the changes for strong feature on md on this one.
And you'll find the heading feature from this PR.

My project was written in Java, and my partner's project was written in C# with ASP.NET core. I had zero experience on C#, so I had to study the syntax and some functions in the library. Since the code was neat and clear on the functions, I was able to follow Diana's coding style and successfully added header feature for markdown. My code was to convert "#" to h1 heading in html. After few tests Diana accepted my Pull Request and the feature is added to her project.

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