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Irfan Ullah Shakir
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Best Practice of structuring Project

I am a big fan of decoupling and dividing project into micro services.Many people says dividing project into front and back end is good practice.can we divide it more?
For example I have a project having sections:

1. Website(Access for all)
2. Admin
3. Manager
4. Agent
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You can consider it as different roles, but will have different functionalities and front ends.What is good structuring.

  • Should I go with 1 back-end and 1 frond-end(according to their roles as normally people do) or
  • Should I decouple it more and install different front-end project for each role with one API back-end?

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I think the answer depends a lot and the "correct" answer will tend to vary between projects. It can also be a bit of a personal preference/familiarity.

Every option has pros and cons, so it's valuable to know the pros and cons of each choice - but some of the nuances between options will be picked up best by trying each option out to understand them!

So that was a wordy way to say try them each and see which you like best in which situations!