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Discussion on: Git commit message 💬

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James Sinclair

I always start with a short and descriptive sentence -- including a period -- which still makes sense if prefixed with "Apply this commit to ". The only exception being the very first commit which can be something like "Initial commit." This requirement is incompatible with adding Issue ID/category/scope/whatever prefixes to commit messages. I don't think they add any value and they usually just end up being a distraction when you're looking at a list of commits.

After the short, descriptive sentence (and a blank line) you can include whatever you like in more detail. Use Markdown if you want formatting, but consider whether it's really important in this context. I generally only use asterisks for unordered lists when I want to detail several changes in a commit. Issue IDs/categories/scopes belong here, possibly in a block of YAML at the end.