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Out here in Utah, a lot of companies are hiring .NET devs to write web server code in ASP.NET MVC. If I were you I'd play to your strengths in .NET by picking up MVC and writing a straightforward webpage with some routing, XHR endpoints and a minimal front end. That should make your GitHub profile more than good enough.

JavaScript shouldn't be too difficult to learn. In fact, ES6 is more like C# than any other language I've ever written (including Java)--not in terms of paradigm, but in code style and programmer-friendliness. HTML and CSS are strange beasts, but they're 90% vocabulary and you can pick up most of what you need on the go. All the same, there's enough demand for good .NET developers (and a good enough supply of HTML+CSS devs) that you shouldn't need to be a front-end pro.

Just my two cents.


The employers in Utah, they are hiring remote workers? Thank you for the information. I very much appreciate it.


Some of them are, not all. If you need to meet some Utah-based recruiters, send me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn and I'll introduce you.

Thank you so much! I will do that.

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