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Discussion on: Yes, ColdFusion is "Unpopular". No, I don't care.

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Isaac Lyman

My first job in tech was at a ColdFusion shop--CF was the first language I ever got paid to write. I never saw any reason to dislike it, other than that there seemed to be some doubt as to whether it was still gonna be around and supported in five years (and here we are five years later, apparently it is!). I actually got it to do some pretty excellent stuff, and that was as a not-yet-junior dev writing WebDriver tests with an obscure third-party CF library. So, in retrospect, one indication of its quality is that I didn't have a lot of trouble being productive in it, despite a lack of experience.

I'll definitely have to read up on it, see some of the reasons people are choosing it for new projects.

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Michael Born Author

I may humbly say you can check out my "Why CF?" post for more examples of why ColdFusion is easy and fun to program in.

Over the last five years it's matured a lot - if it wasn't for the Coldbox framework, CommandBox package manager, and Lucee on Docker I wouldn't be using it. But modern CF is pretty awesome, I think.