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How to Create Awesome README File For Your GitHub Repository

Hello, devs! If your README file doesn't look good, no one will be interested on your repo. So, how do you create nice READMEs? One way is to learn markdown format and use your creativity to make amazing READMEs, but in my opinion, this is waste of time because markdowns are not used directly in your app, but only for documentation reasons. What is there's a tool that lets you create cool READMEs real quick without you having to learn or know the boring markdown?

Luckily, there's a tool that allows you to do exactly that with a WYSIWYG editor. You just need to click some buttons, drag and drop, and type the content of your README without writing confusing markdown symbols, and that tool is....

Mohmed Ishak

With this tool, you just have to select a component from the section to your left such as installation component or feedback component, and this site will give you boilerplate with markdown template, and you just need to edit the content to your liking. The view on your very right shows how the actual README file will look like once published. When you're happy, just copy the entire code and paste it in your repo's README.

Yeah, thank you.

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