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Discussion on: Best Automated Testing Tools for 2020

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Istvan Fulop

I think the title is misleading and click-baiting, you have mentioned only cloud providers for running tests.

The best tool depends on the project and the team. In my situation I would not recommend or use any of those mentioned in 2020.

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Klaus Author

I have mentioned only solutions that also provide cross-browser clouds.

That was one of the items from my list of requirements.

What can I do if part of our users are using Internet Explorer 11 and Safari?

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Istvan Fulop

Platform is not everything, for instance I highly doubt you'll even touch iframes or shadow dom with endtest. Did you try to test a table with 1000 elements and virtual scroll ? What about a table in a canvas ? Maybe test that the data in a table is the same as in the database or backend or that formatting and styling for instance is valid for every cell. How do you do that if you can't code in a real language ?

Would endtest still be the best tool ? Most likely it wouldn't even be able to read anything on the page in any enterprise app.

I checked your other articles, you clearly plug in endtest in every article. In my opinion endtest is basically useless for anything else than static or very simple apps, prove me wrong.

Not trying to troll, but I don't like it if my favourite platform is getting full of promotion without merits.

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Klaus Author • Edited on

Hi Istvan,

Those are some good questions.

Let's take a look at the Documentation.

  1. You asked about iframes and Shadow DOM.
    As you can see in the Finding elements in Web Applications chapter, this tool supports both.
    You just need to use the "Switch to iframe" and the "Switch to Shadow DOM" actions.

  2. You asked about canvas elements.
    As you can see in the Dealing with Canvas Elements chapter, this tool can deal with Canvas elements.

  3. You asked about connecting to a database and performing a SQL query.
    As you can see in the Execute SQL queries chapter, you can easily connect to a database and perform SQL queries.

  4. You asked about testing the styling.
    As you can see from the Assertions for Web Tests chapter, you can add different assertions, including Element Contains CSS Class, Element Contains Attribute, etc.

And to make sure that it looks as expected, you can add Screenshot Comparison steps.

And if you want to verify a long list of elements, you can just add a loop.

You can even add a CSV file and loop through the rows and generate variables from each row and use them in a test.

I never make statements about a library or a tool before reading the Documentation.

You should do the same.

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முச்சந்தி முரளி

Agreed. Title cleary misleading as nothing about cloud based in title.

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Dan Rose

I agree, and would add that this is not a fair comparison as both Browserstack and Saucelabs offer no test creation tools. Endtest is more akin to offerings like and Microfocus or Smartbears suite of tools. Overall the article reads more like an advert for Endtest than a balanced discussion.

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Klaus Author

Hi Dan,

I see you just created your account here on DEV Community.

We had to find a solution for both Web and Mobile that would provide a cross-browser cloud.

We specifically needed browsers on Windows and Mac OS.

That was one of the most important requirements and it was not optional.

We would have been ok with creating our own tests with Selenium and Appium, that is why we did not exclude BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.

The "codeless" requirement was optional.

We did take TestCraft into consideration.

But it got disqualified due to the following issues:
• The lack of transparent pricing
• No support for mobile apps
• No clear answer if browsers are actually on Linux machines
• Customer Support was slow to reply

We also tried the other solutions that you mentioned, but they were also disqualified.

We researched over 30 solutions.

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Dan Rose

Without the information you have just added the article appears to suggest you only considered the 3 mentioned. If you had begun with an explanation of the process and that out of the many available these are your top three, I think people would have responded more positively.

BTW: I have just created my account, because this is the first article I felt I wanted to comment on. Why did you feel the need to mention that?