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Discussion on: Why I Switched From Visual Studio Code To JetBrains WebStorm

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Istvan Fulop • Edited on

My 2 cents: I have been using VSCode since 2017 and currently VSCode beats IntelliJ out of the box at everything related to JS development. (maybe the debugger is not that nice).

I tried IntelliJ again with a large multi-workspace project and indexing takes ages, after the indexing is complete it doesn't find paths in scss, in jsx files, autocomplete is random for props, I know you can go and set everything manually and then IntelliJ is a wonderful IDE for a lot of money. But VSCode on the same huge project works out of the box and is slower by 0.2 seconds when navigating through a react codebase.

Prettier and linting support is uncomparable, just install recommended plugins in vscode and everything just works, in IntelliJ it's a pain to set up for everyone.

VSCode also has support for WSL on Windows, which is incredibly useful when you have a codebase that requires a unix environment to run as expected.

I don't try to make an Ad for VSCode, but people with a lot of experience say that it's the best and that VSCode is bullshit and that it's a toy, then I try IntelliJ, fiddle with it for 2 days, still doesn't work as VSCode works out of the box just for that nice search window when you press shift shift.

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ManiloxGT • Edited on

Say out "Out if the box" just one more time, idiots love that phrase