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re: Have you heard of Informed? It's another simple React form library (previously called react-forms), but has some mature features since it's older. ...

Well, I didn't know Informed. I saw it now, and seems good too. But, things that I realized: 1) Unform hits 1k stars in three days; 2) the company behind Unform (Rocketseat) has great developers, I know them, they teach programming and has a big community involved, with about 59k of students, suggesting features and contributing; 3) Unform hits 100% of tests coverage (since Informed has 78%); 4) Unform was designed with performance in mind too, not only simplicity. So, don't get me wrong, Informed seems to be a good choice too. But I really liked Unform and its support. Feel free to try it out too and choose the best to your needs. And thanks for your comment! :D

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