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Discussion on: What's your first step while starting project?

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Mikael Klages

Depends on what kind of project, but usually one of the following:

  • Generate core files, git init, git add ., git commit -m "Initial Commit"
  • Write the most abstract code that runs the rest first, so I can fill in the gaps and have nice milestones
  • Write the most complex part of the program that is prone to fail, so I don't end up taking on a too ambitious project and waste a lot of time only to find out the most important part won't work
  • Set up list over what needs to be done
  • Talk with people that will also work on the project, or the product owner
  • Write the entire project, so I can just fix bugs later

Depends a lot on what kind of project it is, how big, and if it's a personal project or not